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The Pope’s Lenten Retreat is over, and Teresa has translated his remarks as the retreat drew to an end: In the name of all of us gathered here, I wish to tell you, with all my heart, thank you, for […]

We’ve discussed Dave Brubeck off and on – here and here, last year when Notre Dame awarded him the Laetare Medal . Here’s a 2003 America article by a Dominican about the religious elements of Brubeck’s music.

Fr. Jay Toborowsky of the "Young Fogeys" blog has an amusing encounter (in reflection)  with Fr. Cantalamessa after his recent talk at Seton Hall. (Fr. Toborowsky also hosts the Diocese of Metuchen weekly radio show – listen here!)

The great unmentionable, even among most anti-abortion politicians: defunding Planned Parenthood. Why is this important? Because: Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, based in San Jose, performed 10,956 abortions in 2005 and another 11,729 in 2006, according to annual reports published on […]

Very nice story from the Kalamazoo diocese about a priest who has overcome much: Being a parish priest in America is a dream come true for Tran. The second of six children, Tran was baptized Gioan Baotixita Tran-Kim-Tuyen at Duc […]

Courage Man has an important post, trying to work out the possibilities in the future: I think the Church in Britain now, and thus the Church in the US sometime soon, really only has two options in the long run, […]

…for Warsaw  Pope Benedict XVI named Bishop Kazimierz Nycz the new archbishop of Warsaw, the Polish Episcopate said in a statement Saturday. Nycz, the 57-year-old bishop of Koszalin-Kolobrzeg in northern Poland, replaces former Warsaw Archbishop Stanislaw Wielgus, who abruptly resigned […]