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January 1, 1970 Archives

…much. If you haven’t yet, visit weblog of Our Lady of the Atonement Parish in San Antonio, an Anglican Use parish pastored by Fr. Christopher Phillips Why Fr. Phillips loves Lent: In addition to the three Masses we celebrated, the […]

Another book to read. Well, not that it will be a time-consuming or difficult read, being an introduction to the subject, but I’m intrigued enough – especially by the fact that it is illustrated, something that few histories of the […]

Registration for World Youth Day ’08 in Sydney opens today – 500 days before the event begins. Some notes: I suppose because it was nifty in Cologne, the Pope will make his entrance by boat: The auxiliary Bishop of Sydney, […]

Continuing to meander through the excellent Habits of Devotion on which I initially blogged a few days ago here. The topic for today is "participation." If you lurk in internet discussions of liturgy and simply tradition in general, you’ll find […]

Fr. Robert Barron has added cultural commentary – in the form of film reviews that are posted on YouTube – to his repertoire. Fargo and The Departed are up.  They are very well produced, and Fr. Barron is his usual […]

A trend story in the WSJ about young people becoming more religiously observant than their parents: Like any trend story you wonder about the stats, but one part of story has a bit more meat indicating a real trend: Young […]

Pray…Fast…give alms: The list of grassroots groups you folks helped compile last month Other groups we’ve mentioned: Scottish International Relief The Haitian Project Aid to the Church in Need And you know, there are undoubtedly free clinics in your area, […]

…of all kinds: AsiaNews reports on a Vatican delegation heading to Vietnam: Now the Vatican delegation headed for Hanoi aims for the concrete launch of a process towards diplomatic ties, even if not their immediate realization, and also for the […]

Bishop Vasa is making news today because of his not-so-veiled references to a Certain Prominent Catholic Politician in a recent column. I’ll get to the veiled reference in a moment, but I think it’s good to note the context: a […]