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…for the Bettinellis, who lost a baby through miscarriage. Melanie shares here. God bless them all. and for Alicia the Midwife’s daughter and yet-to-be born granddaughter.

I learned about this book via the Amazon list "Things to read and watch before you go to Rome" compiled by the Cranky Professor himself (who is leading another semester in Rome in 2008). It’s a good one – a […]

Our Bestseller’s List What Books People who Read Amy’s Open Book blog and Michael’s Annunciation blog are Buying February 2007 (2/24/2007) 1. The Power of the Cross: Meditations for the Lenten Season 2. The How-To Book of the Mass: Everything […]

(Will be added to throughout the day as I clean out the emailbox. Michael the Baby is home today. He had a bad day yesterday – feverish, restless, he gets a "stay home day" today) Heidi Hess Saxton has […]

If Titanic wasn’t reason enough to despise James Cameron, he’s now given us another meglomaniac fantasy: that he’s single-handedly debunked Christianity. Yay! Thanks, James! Because, you know – using DNA tests to determine if remains belong to Jesus, Mary or […]