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January 1, 1970 Archives

From all over: The Archdiocese of Philadelphia is posting Lenten reflections by Cardinal Rigali on YouTube Bishop Finn of Kansas City has issued a pastoral letter on pornography: "Blessed are the Pure in Heart" – not pdf format! Fr. Philip […]

A Jesuit reader from Ireland writes: It’s worth noting that, with the exception of Bishop Samuel, all of William Wilberforce’s sons became Catholics, as did Bishop Samuel’s daughter. Their journey from a very evangelical Anglicanism to Catholicism was extraordinary. The […]

…was part of an African-American Roman Catholic Church: Where the idea for an opera company came from is not entirely clear, but the group was organized by a barber, William T. Benjamin. The opera company came together in 1873 with […]

Competing in Rome: The fans were pious. The players bound for glory. And the victory? A miracle. Priests and seminarians from several soccer-loving countries took to a field near the looming dome of St. Peter’s Basilica yesterday for the first […]

At Mirror of Justice, Patrick Brennan of Villanova comments on John Allen’s interview with Archbishop Myers of Newark: Little wonder, I suppose, that politicians wishing to abuse and injure the visible communion of the Church have pretty much a green […]

A video interview with Sister Judith Zoebelein, who is the director of the Vatican website (the interview is about 25 minutes long) Monks returning to Tibhirine? Tibhirine, Algeria: Monks may return to Algeria for the first time in a decade […]

The Pope, today in the Angelus message: The lance that pierced Christ’s ribs is witnessed in the Gospel of John. “That act carried out by an unknown Roman soldier,” Benedict XVI explained, “bound to be forgotten, was engraved in the […]