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There are many resources in print and on the web. We have our favorite readings and meditations. We’ve got the Pope’s Lenten message to guide us: They shall look on Him whom they have pierced.” Let us look with trust […]

Just a bit of stuff from the emailbox and blogging about… Two interesting posts from Mike Aquilina: Baby Names of the Early Christians , inspired by a read-through of this book: The Christian Catacombs of Rome: History, Decoration, Inscriptions, which […]

Sandro Magister posts the text of Pope Benedict’s Lenten message, in case you missed it. He adds, in regard to the Curial Lenten retreat: On the afternoon of the first Sunday of Lent, February 25, Benedict XVI and his collaborators […]

In case you are wondering what the outcome of the Anglican Primates’ meeting was, the essence is that an Anglican Covenant was discussed and a Communique was released in which the Primates said that the Episcopal Church has until 9/30 […]

Anthony Esolen, scholar, writer of deep and beautiful prose (and translator of Dante, as noted a few days ago here), writes of his mother-in-law’s death: The faithful Christian will say that this grandmother of my children, this woman who turned […]

Papa Ratzinger Forum has a translation of the full text of the Pope’s Q&A with seminarians last week. It’s the Pope at his best – extemporaneous, learned, down-to-earth. Then, it is important not to lose communion with other priests, with […]

Those church signs in Kansas City are talking to each other again….

Some of you undoubtedly remember Audrey Santo, of Worcester, Massachusetts. She is now twenty-two years old, but about a decade ago, her story was regularly featured in the Catholic and secular press. When she was small, she had fallen into […]