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(…will be added to gradually as I clean out the emailbox) Congratulations to reader, commenter and fellow FW resident Yvonne, who gave birth to her 7th child – and 7th son –   last week – Benjamin. He’s beautiful! From Cleveland, […]

From Der Spiegel, an article about German monasteries – popular with lay guests, but not such a hot vocation spot. Some 300 Roman Catholic convents and monasteries in Germany now accept visitors – from the 8th-century Benedictine abbey of Tholey […]

I have been vaguely following the Anglican Primates’ gathering,  but decided early on it would be more efficient just to wait until something definite is stated. Sort of the way I feel about slavishly following the ’08 presidential primary race […]

A little help here??? And sometimes…you can’t just resist clicking on that "order" button:

Get ready. I want to do some blog posts and even a web page or two devoted to various specifics and I need your help. Just bookmark some stuff, and tomorrow, I’ll put up separate posts for each bleg – […]

On Saturday, Pope Benedict visited the Major Roman Seminary next to the Pontifical Lateran Unviersity to speak with and listen to seminarians: ((Photos here) The Pope was by turns theologian and teacher, but speaking very spontaneously and familiarly, in responding […]

Benedict, in today’s Angelus message: In his greeting to the faithful, the pope also had something to say about China, confirming the country to be one of the matters occupying his mind. After reciting the Marian prayer, as he recalled […]

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor approves a Mass: Now, however, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor has taken the controversial step of allowing fortnightly Masses in his Westminster diocese specifically for homosexuals. That link takes you to a newspaper article.( Zadok comments on the article […]

There’s a bit of a kerfuffle regareding this year’s Newberry Award winning book – and the NYTimes reports. (The issue is a single word right on the first page of the novel.) I’m going to say that what frankly surprises […]

The mess that was Our Lady of Las Vegas – even before the pastor was charged with assaluting a parishioner. Signs of discord within the church, on Alta Drive near Rancho Drive, first surfaced four years ago when members of […]