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Don’t go to the movies much – don’t even watch too many films at home, unfortunately. I’m not sure why this is…but two recent viewings: After Christmas, when David was here, he and I and Katie went to see Dreamgirls. […]

Fr. Martin Fox shares what he’ll be doing in his Ohio parish: A different tone at Mass: * Sober music, less instruments.* Except for 4th Sunday of Lent, no flowers at all in the church or chapel.* Like last Advent, […]

I read this biography of Jacques and Raissa Maritain a couple of months ago, meant to blog on it before I returned it to the library, but…forgot. So here we are. Again. This book, originally written in French, was just […]

Personally, I wish someone had the guts to fire Danielle Radcliffe from future Harry Potters right now, on the spot. Oh, please. It’s not that 12-year olds are going to be going to Equus in London. It’s not that the […]

…my (lame) theory of everything. This is a post on which I have been ruminating for a while, hoping to work out something substantial and formidable, but since I doubt that will ever actually happen, and since I’ve got one […]

Here’s a moving piece by Sean Gallagher on a young man with plans, interrupted: In the spring of 2005, David Ballintyn was a new graduate of the University of Notre Dame. But unlike many young graduates who strike out into […]

Had what I thought was a decent talk last night down in Richmond, IN – a Catholic community which seems to have weathered the priest shortages quite well. The three Catholic parishes in town still exist, but share resources and […]

…to get your copy of the Power of the Cross before Lent begins.