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A reader reminds me: You may be interested to know that the feast day of St Claude de la Colombiere (quel bel nom!), Jesuit and anti-Jansenist, is celebrated today.  At mass the priest in my Jesuit parish pointed out a […]

…from Charlie’s Coffee Bar in Richmond, IN…yay free WiFi. I’ve just pulled together my talk for tonight, and have a bit to relax before I get taken to dinner with my very generous host. I spoke at Seton High School, […]

Roman Catholicism is growing by leaps and bounds in England – mostly because of Eastern European immigration. The question is, will the traditionally reticent English institutional church be up to the challenge of nurturing the vigorous faith, a faith given […]

This time at First Things. Helpful because it takes it on from another angle from our previous primer- the three basic currents running through Anglicanism (evangelicalism, liberalism, catholicity) , historically, and how they are clashing at the moment. Just a […]

…as I like to say these days.. I will be out of pocket most of the day on Thursday (weather permitting  – we’ll see in the AM) , so comments will be closed off until Friday. BTW – if you […]