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Marcotte resigns from her Edwards campaign gig But not before Rod Dreher discovers her true identity… But…maybe she could get a job at a "Catholic university in the Jesuit and Mercy traditions?" Oh, and related…do check out Justin Katz for […]

I finished the first draft. Unthinkable to me that I would ever, ever actually start and finish writing a novel. I have 5 unfinished attempts in various drawers and computer files, but this one is done, and not terrible. As […]

I have threatened to do this before, but this time, I’m going to stick to it. This week, barring big news, most of my blog posts will be bookblogging. I have too much else to do to spend time newshounding. […]

…with a twist. STRIKE UP THE BAND! Around the world today, February 12, admirers of Charles Darwin will celebrate the great man’s 198th birthday with lectures, concerts, and exhibits. Darwin Day, as it’s called, is meant to be cheerful, with […]

In words that speak to many of us, the Pope last week offered a friendly reminder: This morning Pope Benedict XVI received, in the Vatican’s Paul VI Hall, members of the National Italian Confederation of the "Misericordias."  The Holy Father […]

Low turnout dooms abortion referndum in Portugal: The Socialist Prime Minister of Portugal, Jose Socrates, conceded late on Sunday that despite his party’s tremendous efforts to grant broader access to abortion in the country, a pro-abortion referendum has failed to […]

I’m speaking in Richmond, Indiana on Thursday…at 7pm at St. Andrew Church, 235 S. Fifth St. The subject will be The Words We Pray.

He has started doing a podcast of the Office of Readings. He says there are many podcasts of Morning and Evening prayer out there, but not so many of the Office of Readings. So here you go. In addition, he’s […]