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Pulled from the comments below, from Fr. Totten: I am pastor of a parish which has a small but thriving Catholic School and several faithful Catholic homeschool families.  I would be interested to hear from other priests who find themselves […]

Edwards stands by his bloggers. John Edwards said Thursday that he was offended by the “intolerant language” of two employees of his presidential campaign, in writings on their personal Web logs, but he said they would remain with the campaign. […]

Jim Myers, assistant editor of the Colorado Springs diocesan paper, has been in Guatemala this week, and is blogging on it: While most Americans were watching the Super Bowl on Sunday, I was in Guatemala on a mission awareness trip […]

Pope Benedict, today, with words to bishops: A bishop can turn to Catholic lay movements not only when he needs an organized group to implement his pastoral plans, but also when he needs to care for his own soul, Pope […]

A fascinating little serendipitous moment…so I’m looking through email (still so, so behind) and I run across T-Matt’s latest column, which is about Dawn Eden’s Thrill of the Chaste: The irony, said Eden, is that many clergy seem to think […]

…in Italy? Sandro Magister reports: First, he looks at various surveys from the past attempting to gauge Mass attendance levels, quotes the rather optimistic words of Cardinal Ruini and Pope Benedict on the vitality of the Italian church, and then […]

From the Guardian, on efforts to rebirth Classical paganism in Greece: Armed with white doves, Peppa, a former advertising executive, was not going to hold back – even if it meant defying the furious Greek officials and riot police gathered […]

A column from the Boston Pilot, the Archdiocesan paper: When I go running at dawn on a cold winter morning along the Charles River, even those passers-by who would never join me at least appreciate the ideal that motivates me. […]