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Seen at some point on a PBS station in your town during the month of February: Sisters of Selma: The year was 1965; the place, Selma, Alabama. For decades, local laws had all but prevented Blacks from voting. And those […]

For some time, we’ve been discussing the film Into Great Silence -the much-praised and surprisingly successful documentary about Carthusians at the Grande Chartreuse. Some of you have even seen it!  It will be in very limited theatrical release in the […]

No, it’s not a magazine cover from 1967. The Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, were featured in a story on NBC’s Today show. It’s basically a live action version of the Newsweek story from a few weeks […]

Good words from a Dallas-area pastor. This utterly utilitarian manipulation of living human beings has now brought us to a debate about what can be done if we are going to throw them away anyway. Now we ask, “Why not […]

Of a liturgical type: I was wondering if you knew where in church documents that it states you should have a crucifix in view of the altar. I have searched some stuff but to no avail. Anyone?

John Edwards has hired a virulent anti-Catholic to run his blog! It’s a free blogosphere, of course, and Marcotte can ridicule my religion and its teachings all she wants (though I’ll lay off her Church of the Mouse and the […]

Check it out – an effort on the part of a group at Notre Dame dedicated to helping to "preserve the Catholic identity" of the school. Part of the effort involves a petition drive regarding a certain play that’s often […]

Good article on Utilitarianism at MercatorNet – as well as many other interesting pieces.

…but better late than never. February 4, which was Sunday, was the memorial of St. Maria de Mattias, a 19th century woman whose story is well worth reading…and emulating: Maria’s plans for Acuto included far more than a school. Drawing […]

MIT prof, opponent of embryo-destructive stem-cell research, goes on hunger strike to protest his denial of tenure?? A black MIT professor began a hunger strike Monday to protest the university’s decision to deny him tenure – a decision he claims […]