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January 1, 1970 Archives

Archbishop Wuerl has penned his first pastoral letter as Archbishop of Washington: God’s Mercy and the Sacrament of Penance. (pdf) It is excellent – no surprise coming from Archbishop Wuerl, who has written some fine catechetical materials. He leads the […]

From Maureen Wittman: I’m wondering if you can help me out through your blog. One of the fruits of our March for Life trip has been the desire to start a local pro-life club for teens.  The teens in our […]

Interesting story, sent by reader Judy, about the opening of a mikvah in Boynton Beach: Miles from the pomp and circumstance that surrounded the Super Bowl, a spiritual ritual of a different sort was renewed Sunday at the Chabad-Lubavitch of […]

Alyssa Lyra Pitstick, who has engaged Fr. Oakes on von Balthasar in the pages of First Things, enters the heresy fray: Since, however, Oakes thinks words have enough meaning to make it worthwhile to distinguish between the orthodox and those […]

A bit ‘o buzz on this one – is Ave Maria School of Law considering a move to Fort Wayne? Apparently University of St. Francis theology head Dr. Dominic Aquila (who previously worked at Ave Maria College) is in conversations […]

The question is…did our schools have a two-hour delay today because it’s really cold or because the administrators decided it would be nice to sleep late after a night of celebration in Colts Nation? Hmmm. (Of course, Archbishop Buechlein was […]

New documents on preborn life and the natural law. From Sandro Magister: But the second new document, the one on natural law, will be the very first of its kind. On a number of occasions Benedict XVI has indicated as […]

In the recent minor kerfuffle over Bishop Gumbleton withdrawing from a speaking engagment in Tucson (the story is that the speech was sponsored by a local chapter of Call to Action, and Bishop Kicanas refused the group permission to meet […]