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Good News: You look at the eating-averse toddler’s plate and see that it’s basically empty of the spaghetti (sans sauce) he’d been given. Good boy! Food! In stomach! Bad News: You look at the floor.

What we know, from Maureen L. Condic, associate professor of neurobiology and anatomy at the University of Utah School of Medicine in First Things. The assertion that embryonic stem cells in the laboratory can be induced to form all the […]

Maybe not. A look at the Dutch: When the "corporate prayer" movement first started in 1996, few people in Holland took any notice. Why should they have done so? After all, Holland’s manifest destiny was to become a fully secularized […]

Can you feel the excitement? In a few days, Nancy Pelosi will seize the reins as Speaker of the House, and boy, does she want you to know it: On a scale associated with presidential inaugurations, Nancy Pelosi is planning […]

From a reader. Ouch. The reader added that she is a parishioner at this parish, but not any kind of liturgical specialist.  She gave me a little more information in another note that fleshed out the relational and personal issues […]

Cordoba Bishop rejects Muslim request; Pope next: The Bishop of the southern city of Cordoba, Juan Jose Asenjo, has turned down a request from its Muslim community to be allowed to pray with Christians in its cathedral – a former […]

Any story in the history of salvation is timeless, no matter how long ago it occurred. We can find ourselves, our world in Genesis onward because human nature is what it is and doesn’t change. But this day, this remembrance […]

The Vatican has released last year’s figures for attendance at papal events: General Audiences, other audiences, liturgies and Angelus(-es? -i?)