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January 1, 1970 Archives

Billy Graham’s sons in conflict about their parents’ graves. Franklin wants them buried as the last stop on the tour of a memorial library that the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is building in Charlotte. A tour that begins with a […]

From Grace Church  – Episcopal – in Newark. Forum for Disaffected Roman Catholics We invite Roman Catholics whose spiritual lives are groundedin the Mass and in the Sacramentsbut who cannot endorse the Vatican’s authoritarian pronouncementson issues such as contraception, abortion, […]

Benedict’s book on Jesus will be published by Doubleday: Pope Benedict XVI’s next book, Jesus of Nazareth, has been acquired by Random House imprint Doubleday. The first book from Benedict since he became pope, the title is scheduled for publication […]

It’s Wednesday – General Audience day: “Those who believe in God should be careful to devote themselves to good works; these things are excellent and profitable to everyone.” This declaration of Paul is especially linked to the time of Advent, […]

Last week, Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver was the keynote speaker at the Orange County Catholic Prayer Breakfast (which I was supposed to mention here on the blog before it happened, but forgot to…so sorry Michelle!). Blogger Jake blogged on […]

An AsiaNews article on current relations between the Vatican and Israel, in the form of an interview with Honorable Oded Ben Hur, Israeli ambassador to the Holy See, Deliberations of the Holy See-Israel bilateral commission are set to resume today […]

More from St. Paul’s : Archaeologists digging to reach the tomb of St Paul have stumbled across a life-size "sketch" of the dome of St Peter’s produced by one of its architects in the 16th century. The excavation of St […]

As Drudge blasted yesterday, the INS raided several meat-packing plants across the country yesterday in an illegal immigrant search. The greatest impact was in Colorado. Employers not sanctioned. A reader from Colorado notes the timing  – Our Lady of Guadalupe. […]

But at least New Orleans has a new auxiliary! Il Papa ha nominato Vescovo Ausiliare dell’arcidiocesi di New Orleans (U.S.A.) il Shelton Joseph Fabre, del clero della diocesi di Baton Rouge, finora Parroco della Sacred Heart Parish a Baton […]

The Pope’s final address to the Swiss bishops. Was this released before in English? I’m not sure,, although I do remember the last section about the relationship of different aspects of the moral life, but this English translation just appeared […]