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Sandro Magister has a translation of the Pope’s GA address today, in which he recounts his journey to Turkey. Fr. Lombardi of the Vatican Press Office evaluates the trip:

If you want to see what really fine things can happen on blogs, and how they can be helpful, go down and read the "Jesus is my boyfriend" thread. Lots of knowledgeable commentors exchanging views, testing theories, sharing information. Disagreeing, […]

So…who’s seen "The Eleventh Hour" on the BBC? Rock Wren at Lofted Nest has…and what he describes is intriguing, to say the least.

Those of you who follow the evangelical music scene know that the title of this post is a catchphrase used to describe a particular thematic element in some praise and worship music, in which the language used to address Christ […]

Fr. Z has rumors, confirmations and educated guesses. That SMS is the third confirmation I have gotten. So, I feel safer about saying what I am piecing together. Remember: this is based reliable sources but it is still supposition on […]

John Wilson got me all interested in his "book of the year" over at Books and Culture: And now to the Book of the Year: Crisis of Doubt: Honest Faith in Nineteenth-Century England, by Timothy Larsen (Oxford Univ. Press). You […]

On to China. What’s happened the past few days, after the ordination of that bishop, unapproved by the Vatican and the apparent forced participation by other clerics. Cardinal Zen on the general situation: The Vietnamese Church is “dynamic and vital, […]

Because, you know, contrarians abound, we’ve been subject to a raft of "Has the Pope gone soft" op-eds over the the past few days. Ian Fisher in the NYTimes, for example: HAS the pope gone wobbly? The question might matter […]

Catholics are not Catholicism. The mistakes, the clumsiness, the inefficiences, the lack of concern of Catholics do not involve Catholicism itself. It is not the responsiblity of Catholicism to furnish an alibit for the shortcomings of Catholics. Jacques Maritain, Religion […]