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Sentences, we have sentences. Lots of them. Michael the Baby’s verbal skilz are advancing by the day. He’s reached that point – that wonderful point – at which he will stand in front of you in great excitement and/or great […]

At the airport in Izmer, found by Teresa, from Die Welt

Perhaps the world’s oldest living priest passed away: Father Konrad Fuchs, who has died aged 109, was reputedly the world’s oldest living Roman Catholic priest; he was also the second oldest living German and one of only eight known remaining […]

Informal reactions, recorded over at Looking Closer Conclusion: incredibly violent (no surprise)…but to what purpose? Is the story "worth" the violence or not? That seems to be the question.

30,000 in LA: More photos From the AP: More than 30,000 faithful packed a college stadium Sunday to commemorate the 475th anniversary of the appearance of the Virgin of Guadalupe to an Indian peasant in Mexico. Attendees chanted “Long live […]

What’s going on in your house for Advent and the run-up to Christmas? What devotions are you doing, either personally or as a family? What do you feel good about? What do you feel like a total loser about?

Josh Trevino’s report from last week: Finally, it comes time for Communion. My father asks me if I will go, and I reply that I probably should not. He urges me to, and I give in. Now, we file forward, […]

As many of you know, last Friday a sex abuse settlement was announced related to cases pending in against the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. 45 accusers will be awarded a 60 million dollar settlement. From Friday’s paper: Cardinal Roger M. […]

Very interesting – via Zadok And speaking WikiSpeak – don’t forget the Catholic Catechetical Review Wiki project.

Possibly this: Benedict XVI and Bartholomew I are examining the possibility of opening together the next round of the Joint Theological Commission to show their shared desire to pursue the path of full communion. According to sources from the Ecumenical […]