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Bishop will avoid charges: Bishop Daniel Walsh of the Santa Rosa Catholic Diocese will avoid criminal charges for delaying a report of suspected child sex abuse if he successfully completes a four-month counseling diversion program. Sonoma County District Attorney Stephan […]

I am DREADFULLY behind on reviewing books for grown-ups around here, and will try to start remedying that this evening. But I want to tell you about the fabulous volume that just arrived in the mail. Pub date is 1/3, […]

..for blogger/novice Gashwin Gomes’ father: The cancer has (thankfully) not spread, but the tumor in his left lung is still pretty large and active. This Friday, he’s having surgery to have his entire lung removed. The operation will take place […]

Emily Stimpson, a freelance writes that she is working on a story for a Catholic paper on Buddhism: …What are the main beliefs and practices, what do we have in common with them, and why can good Catholics also not […]

The Lincoln paper looks at the Diocese of Lincoln, focusing on folks who have moved there specifically because of the tone and direction of the diocese, with interviews with a few who disagree.

Evangelical Catholicism reports: In a clear advance for the pro-life cause in politics, President Bush today appointed obstetrition and gynecologist Eric Keroack to head the federal Office of Population Affairs. Keroack, who opposes abortion, pre-marital sex and the use of […]

Yesterday, in LA In an event that mixed moments of sadness and exuberance, Roman Catholic members of the Vietnamese American community gathered Sunday to remember the difficult origins of their faith and celebrate their current triumphs. Nearly 5,000 people arrived […]

Benedict today: Religious freedom is not only the individual right of each person to profess and display one’s faith, but it is also the collective right of families, groups and the Church itself, and engages civil power to “create conditions […]

There ought to be a law. Or at least some kind of self-regulation. Catholic publications should accept no political advertising from candidates, and perhaps, I’m tempted to say, not even issue-related advertising. In Michigan during the last election, there was […]

The pastor at the parish we usually attend (that of "Lights! Lights!") could have his photograph next to the entry on "Low Key" in the dictionary, if there was one. Really. Even though he strikes us as being the Robert […]