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January 1, 1970 Archives

Mike Aquilina – on Leo the Great. Today is the memorial of Pope St. Leo the Great, who reigned 440-461 A.D. Those years were, in the words of the Chinese curse, interesting times. Within the Church, Leo is best known […]

German bishops in the house today: Benedict then spoke about the growing Muslim population of Germany and the necessity of dialogue between the two religions. Muslims, the Pope said, "who hold to their convictions and their rites [ceremonies] with such […]

"It’s the Feast of the Ascension, and…" I mean, what television show are you going to hear that phrase on, except for Lost? I still don’t get the point of it, but, it was an interesting hook. Okay, Losties…discuss. Have […]

Wha’ Happened?

John Allen explains: The back-story to what happened is that on Sunday evening, the Secretariat of State sent the 2005 draft up to the papal apartment in preparation for Tuesday’s meeting. Hearing nothing, they presumed that Benedict intended to use […]

In the NCR(egiter), Eric Scheske takes a look at blogging priests Eric’s own blog.

Baby Michael has his 2-year checkup. To see how he’s busting up that growth chart. Or…not. Later!

Jonah Goldberg’s piece on the stubborness of religion: For decades, students of modernization subscribed to an overriding assumption that, to paraphrase sociologist Peter Berger, more modernity means less religion. In the 1960s (and 1930s and 1890s), liberals were convinced that […]

The Ecumencial Patriarchate of Constantinople has set up a website for the Pope’s visit to Turkey.