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Today, the Supreme Court heard arguments on the federal partial-birth abortion ban. Transcripts of the arguments are here and here. Commentary from Scotusblog here: Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, proceeding calmly, cautiously and analytically, left the clear impression on Wednesday that […]

Just a little bit – Jody Bottum at FT on right, left, the war and (a bit of) the election: The middle in American politics, the non-ideological voters, were always changeable. If the war went well, they would support it; […]

Hey, if Sullivan can do it, so can I: Not our cat. Roaming cat that has been unofficially adopted by neighbors. A very committed hunter, fascinating to watch. Catching chimpmunks makes you thirsty, apparently.

A thorough look , NCR(eporter) at the extreme difficulties in Spokane these days: Spokane is a church divided. The competing sentiments of spiritual anger and anguish lie at the heart of the bitter bankruptcy proceedings here, which recently entered into […]

You know that what the Vatican published as the Pope’s speech to the Swiss bishops yesterday…wasn’t. That’s was all quite strange. I keep trying to imagine how that could happen, but just can’t. Anyway, they’ve published the remarks, which were […]

Cloning in Missouri: Yes. (And Talent lost – I went to bed after 1am, and they had called it for him. Well.) South Dakota rejects abortion ban (remember – this had no "rape and incest" exceptions. I suspect that if […]

Heath Shuler’s in Congress now? What ever could be next? Peyton in Miami? Hmmmm. Election post placeholder… Seriously, folks… Not terribly surprised that Santorum lost, but surprised that he lost by so much.  Really too bad about Michael Steele.  And […]

A week or so ago, a very kind reader – a long-time reader, and early Catholic blogger – and I think he told me he’s blogging again, but I deleted the email, and for the life of me, I can’t […]