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This one’s a keeper – as in, check it out of the library, read it, then go to Amazon or whatnot and buy it. Really, a marvelous book (published in September) – a delight for parents to read, the child […]

…do read those on the Spooky post below. Highlights: Fr. Mike: As soon as these clerical slapheads turned away from the altar, they saw all these eyes upon themselves, and drew the obvious conclusion: it’s all about me. Henry: …in […]

Today, the Pope met with Swiss bishops. I don’t think it was an ad limina visit, strictly speaking. The Vatican Information Service reports : Early this morning, Benedict XVI presided at a Eucharistic concelebration in the Vatican’s "Redemptoris Mater" Chapel, […]

We blogged a bit about the Halloween Mass at a parish in Orange County, CA – the liturgy is quickly becoming more notorious than almost anything that ever took place at St. Joan of Arc in MN. There’s a video […]

A bishop from Kirkuk has another perspective: Archbishop Louis Sako of Kirkuk, in northern Iraq, has spoken out against a US initiative to Stopp the possible extinction of Christians from the country. The prelate described as “impossible” American plans to […]

Links for you from my emailbox and surfing: Christopher Blosser’s mega-super-gigantic Benedict roundup for October. Fr. Neuhaus was in Cleveland last week, speaking on the pro-life movment; Dave Hartline report (Also check out information about Dave’s forthcoming book, The Tide […]