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We interrupt all this heavy lifting to do a bit of bookblogging – mostly children’s books. For new readers – we do this occasionally here. I have 2 young children, and reading stories is a big part of our life […]

How could we not post this story? Finland is one of the quieter members of the EU. But now its turn at the EU presidency has thrust it into the spotlight – and exposed an unusual passion. Like the boy […]

Part 2 of the transcript of the Dawkins/Quinn debate.

…pulled from the comments on the Sheen post. Why is the Trinity Broadcast Network showing Life is Worth Living  – Fulton Sheen’s old show?

Part 2 of my thoughts on the Swallows piece will come later…that business down below wasn’t it.

Brief piece from the Chronicle of Higher Education on the cause of Archbishop Sheen, with a nice little sidebar on academic saints. Officials at the Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen Foundation hope to finish preparing their case within a year. The […]

…can I do two substantive posts in 23 minutes, at which point I will switch of the wireless antenna on my computer and get to work on other things? First, I feel as if I need to come clean about […]

…but what can one expect, really. A British paper reports on how one hospital disposes of post-abortion remains. What makes it all worse are the reader comments, many of which amount to a shrug. But others ask the question regarding […]

As you know, over the past weeks, Pope Benedict has been presenting a catechesis on the 12 Apostles during his weekly General Audience. Now it’s time for the "13th Apostle." Benedict XVI today announced a new cycle of catechesis to […]

Rich Leonardi has a report from a Rome operative that all regularly scheduled Masses at St. Peter’s in Rome are now in Latin, except for the readings. Confirmation? Context? Here’s the Mass schedule at St. Peter’s from the website of […]