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January 1, 1970 Archives

The newspaper for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee has published an article on churches in the area that call themselves Catholic: (I’d like to know if any other diocesan papers have done something like this. It strikes me as a useful […]

Good news: About 150 youth from the dioceses of Charleston, S.C., and Savannah joined in song Sunday for a choral festival and Mass sponsored by Pueri Cantores, the student choral organization of the Catholic church. The singers, ages 7-18, performed […]

Today is the memorial of Blessed Severius Boethius, great scholar of (very) Late Antiquity. We know him today mostly because of The Consolation of Philosophy, a work of which this site, the site of a project dedicated to the restoration […]

Nice to read an article about an athlete who’s passionate about his faith in Christ….as a Catholic. via Closed Cafeteria

Alan Cooperman of the WaPo channels Dr. Teabing in his report on a new exhibit in DC: If 40 percent of Americans refuse to believe that humans evolved from earlier hominids, how many will accept that the book we know […]

You know how we get all depressed when various non-Catholic and even non-religious entities buy closed Catholic churches? Yeah. Well…I don’t think any of that is as depressing as the story of the new Scientology building in London: The five-storey […]

The perpetual question. The latest: alarm at the declining proportio of RC faculty: The percentage of faculty members who describe themselves as Catholic has dropped to 54 percent from 64 percent two decades ago, so the university is taking steps […]

On Saturday, the Vatican announced the creation of a new eparchy of the Chaldean Rite Catholic Church: Australian and New Zealand Catholics who follow the Chaldean Rite will have their own Oceania eparchy or diocese and bishop, the Holy See […]