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Here’s the full text of Archbishop Pell’s address to the 2006 National Catholic Education Conference, Sydney: It begins rather provocatively. A big surprise from Pell, I know: Catholics have always been the most significant and interesting minority in Australian history.  […]

This amused me. Mark Goodacre, over at NT Gateway Weblog (he’s a Scripture scholar, currently teaching at ….) notes that in the General Audience on Wednesday, Benedict referenced the Gospel of and Acts of Thomas. From the GA: The fourth […]

A Christianity Today piece on Christians and Muslims in Lebanon, which, as per usual with CT, and as noted by Gashwin, completely ignores, you know, Catholics and Orthodox. This is unfortunately fairly standard in CT’s coverage of stories about "Christians" […]

…only Preston Sturges’ version would be classier. Two stories, the Palm Beach Post Whatley and special agent John Marinello of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement were assigned the case in June 2005. Whatley interviewed several former St. Vincent church […]

Please pray for the Coffin family and their little daughter Naomi.

Cardinal Arinze visits schools: Four Extra Mile schools serve a black, non-Catholic student body in impoverished neighborhoods. The foundation, supported by many non-Catholics, subsidizes about 60 percent of operating costs, keeping tuition low. At Mass in St. Charles in Homewood, […]

Cardinal Zen of Hong Kong says he has asked the Pope for permission to retire so he might devote more attention to issues related to the Church in mainland China. Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association announces construction of big seminary Much […]

CNS enters the fray with an article on the proposed USCCB cuts, with far more detail, relating the proposal to the proposed reorganization of the bishops’ own committee structure

I may have driven past Dayton on 75 countless times, but this evening was the first time I actually went into the place. I’m extremely irritated to report that despite the fact that Dayton, according to the 2000 census, has […]

Sorry to be so repetitive – but the Cardinal’s latest post has lots of interesting photos of Behind the Vatican Walls – stuff you normally don’t see photographs of, including the famous Latin ATM machine (the photo’s too small to […]