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Today is the memorial of St. Jerome – whom we should go read about right now. Let’s see…where? Start here for a brief introduction Here Links to online texts of many of his works, including his letters, here. From his […]

The Sun-Sentinel focuses on the parish’s new pastor, and how he has been trying to clean up the mess he was left The Palm Beach Post has more details of the ongoing investigation: Skehan, 79, was arrested at Palm Beach […]

French high school philosophy teacher goes into hiding from thugs who threaten him for expressing his opinion: In his commentary, Mr. Redeker compared Islam unfavorably to Christianity and Judaism, although he admitted that the history of the Catholic Church was […]

ADL says that there’s a growing "theory" in popular culture in the Mideast that Benedict is really…all about the Jews. Cartoons and editorials published in newspapers in the Arab/Muslim world falsely portray Jews as the manipulators behind Pope Benedict XVI […]

Catholic News Service does an article on the various voting guides for Catholics that are out there – from state Catholic conferences, as well as independent groups like Catholic Answers and the fairly new Catholics in Alliance for the Common […]

Cardinal Bertone addressed many Vatican diplomats today in his new capacity as Secretary of State: Speaking at the “Duke’s Hall” Cardinal Bertone, offered his thanks for the many messages of welcome and good wishes he received on his appointment September […]

….here’s your police report from down in Delray Beach. Interesting line: "all parish employees received $100 extra in cash each week." I’m still trying to figure out how it all adds up to 8.6 mil, but I’ve not expended a […]

Well, a few. I’ve got something I really need to get done, it’s naptime, so it’s 2 hours and counting ’til my work time runs out. Some things I’ve been looking at: At Mirror of Justice, there is an interesting […]

A heart-rending story from Arizona, but a story that is about nothing but love: The couple was faced with considering the doctors’ suggestions of an abortion, which would allow Veronica to undergo chemotherapy, or saving the baby, which would mean […]

"The priesthood is not a means for social advancement" – to the bishops of Malawi, on their ad limina "In a world dominated by secular and materialist values, it can be hard to maintain the counter-cultural manner of life that […]