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I’m here in Napa, getting ready to go to Mass, offered by..,Cardinal Mahony. Well, that will be a first for me. Then it’s dinner at a winery and back here at 1am my time or so… On the plane, I […]

Cardinal O’Malley’s got another blog post up – he’s getting the hang of this – blogs about travelling pains…and he even uses "LOL" in a post..!   While walking through the never ending terminal in Frankfurt….I thought we were going […]

Ambassadors from Muslim nations invited to Vatican on Monday Pope Benedict XVI has invited ambassadors from Muslim nations to meet him on Monday in a bid to calm anger over his use of a medieval text saying their religion was […]

There were more than 6 of them – more like 233. It was the largest mass-beatification in the Church’s history, on March 11, 2001. Here is the text of John Paul II’s homily on the occasion of the beatification of […]

Heaven On Earth: The Theology and Design of Catholic Church Buildings – 10/25-27 at Mundelein in Chicago Modernity: Yearning for the Infinite  – 11/30-12/2, sponsored by the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture.

Another Dem presents a different abortion-reduction proposal Just six days after a group of Democrats from the House of Representatives announced legislation aimed at reducing the number of abortions in the United States, a second bill with the same goal […]

Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, the Holy See’s permanent observer to the U.N. office at Geneva, at the Second Session of the Human Rights Council, held today in Geneva: Thank you for the time allotted to discuss the issues of religious tolerance […]

An Italian site in support of the Pope. More at PRF, including some new banners: A couple of days old, but still…a Zenit article on the Italian bisops’ conference statements Cardinal Martino, president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and […]

This one’s a doozy, if true. A RC priest is charged with runnin a fake raffle for years, onstensibly to fund the parish school…which has had to close, naturally. What a case… Each year, the Rev. Robert Ascolese, a well-liked […]

Fr. Rob Johansen preached on the Pope’s statement last Sunday and posts his homily. and one parishioner’s response. Iraq the Model has two posts on the Pope: Anyway, it looks like the reaction of Muslims were not as violent or […]