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I’m headed to California tomorrow morning and will be back on Sunday morning. (Yes, there’s a method to my madness. I did the red-eye back the last time I went to CA, and it worked fine. I fell asleep before […]

Stuart Buck corrects Slate’s Timothy Noah. Noah is claiming that the Vatican has gone back and changed Benedict’s Regensburg speech after the fact: He does this in this Slate article. Taking a cue from the Congressional Record, the pope appears […]

Nigeria has been a tinderbox for a while, of course, with Muslim-Christian conflicts flaring up regularly. More trouble yesterday – several churches burned to the ground, supposedly inspired by a verbal exchange between a Muslim man and a Christian woman. […]

On Monday, the Vatican Archives holdings for the years 1922-1939 were opened to scholars. Over sixty researchers visited the Vatican’s secret pre-World War II archives yesterday asking to consult more than 30,000 documents dating from the 1922-1939 papacy of Pius […]

The question is raised again – by Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor: Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor, the archbishop of Westminster, took issue with Prime Minister Tony Blair’s strong advocacy of Turkish membership. "There may be another view that the mixture of […]

It’s Ave Maria Radio’s fundraising drive. From Greg Popcak: We really need your support.  Please call 877-288-1077 and become a member at any level–especially if you are a listener to the Heart Mind and Strength via internet or podcast.  I […]

The lineup: Programming highlights: (All times ET)     * The Catholic Guy, hosted by Lino Rulli (weekdays, 5-8pm).  The      34-year-old Rulli is the Emmy award-winning host and executive producer      of the popular TV show Generation Cross and […]

Benedict today, to a group of newly-appointed bishops in Rome , probably for what they call "bishop school."

A photo I’ve not seen anywhere else (Click for bigger version) Except for Papa Ratzinger Forum. Not surprisingly, American Papist has the best caption so far…

Cardinal O’Malley…blogging?