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The Professor on the Pope’s Regensburg lecture: Yet, to see this speech solely in terms of a clash of civilizations between Christianity and Islam would be error. Instead, the Pope is staking out a set of claims about the relationshiop […]

Philip Yancey in Christianity Today: • Resiliency. The West tends to view Africa as the news portrays it: a relentless succession of disasters. Africans themselves, however, go about their lives with survival skills honed over time. After several centuries of […]

John Thavis of CNS: In talks in Munich and Regensburg, the pope developed a central message of his trip: that in a world where religions and cultures risk colliding, Christians must make sure their faith is firm and is reflected […]

And it’s an honest one for my many erudite readers. If one wanted to read a critical, objective examination of Islam’s origins and the origins of the Koran, where would one go? You know…the sort of thing that undergraduates encounter […]

There are many profoundly sad things in the world, so one hesitates to mention the minor ones. But then, if they do portend or point to something greater, perhaps we have an excuse. For me, one of the most disheartening […]

Jim Manney posts on the latest entry in the Loyola Classics series: Cosmas or the Love of God, the latest book in the Loyola Classics series, is a short, quiet novel, written by a French banker three decades ago, about […]

Some brief hits: The new Apocalypto trailer – gotta say, I’m intrigued… Marriage and the Law: A Statement of Principles via Rob Vischer at Mirror of Justice Also via MOJ, news of a Focolare event this weekend in Hungary: In […]

…for blogger Patrick Coffin, whose daughter Naomi is to be born today by C-section, and whose health is quite precarious ..for Dom Bettinelli’s nephew, going in for cystic fibrosis tests today

Jen Ambrose sends along the message from Democrats for Life that Robert Casey Jr.’s speech today at CUA Law School will be webcast at the law school site – I can’t determine where. If you can figure it out, post […]

Sandro Magister sums up the Pope’s visit to Bavaria, quoting from various homilies, and offering his own analysis. This might be a good piece to pass on to the stubborn Benedict-doubters in your life who are still insistent on viewing […]