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January 1, 1970 Archives

Late, past president of Gonzaga implicated: Former Gonzaga University President John Leary was involved in the sexual abuse of boys and young men in the 1960s, but the priest’s actions were covered up by Jesuit officials, the Oregon Province of […]

Check out this blog: A blog about inclusion issues concerning Catholics with disabilities providing information, raising concerns, sharing humorous experiences and encouraging prayerful efforts toward social justice. A sample from the blogger: I found this website (click for link) as […]

John Allen’s weekly column has been posted with a good, detailed examination of the peace gathering at Assisi – not the gathering itself, but the Pope’s words on such gatherings, past and present: Andrea Riccardi, the founder of Sant’Egidio, was […]

John Thavis of CNS looks at the change in leadership in the Vatican news offices: Father Lombardi professed admiration for his predecessor’s work, but journalists immediately noticed a difference in the air. One telltale sign was that the first Vatican […]

Rocco reports on a poll of Catholics across the pond – on their bishops’ decision to cut a number of holy days of obligation from the calendar: (Poll is reported in the Tablet, and this article is only available to […]

Somebody at NRO’s Corner debunks the idea that Fr. George Coyne was "sacked" from his position at the Vatican Observatory because his stated views clashed with the Pope. Or something. This is not news, of course – Catholic News Service […]

MIchael Fumento brings all the points about the fake "no embyros were killed here, so buy our stock" incident together in one handy place: The ACT researchers’ letter left the embryos’ fate ambiguous, but an accompanying figure showed a photo […]

The news is full of a story about researchers who tested a woman in a vegetative state and found some interesting responses: The 23-year-old woman in the current study was injured in July 2005. Within weeks, she opened her eyes […]

Review in America of a new book (published by Eerdmans) about Cardinal Bea and the origins of the ecumenical movement: Pope John XXIII’s heralded hope that Vatican II would promote Christian unity faced resistance from these same officials who hoped […]

The bishops of Ontario had their ad limina visit with Benedict this week. Here’s the text of what he said: Today, the impediments to the spread of Christ’s Kingdom are experienced most dramatically in the split between the Gospel and […]