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We’ll always have Venice. Vatican awards film prize… The Vatican awarded its annual cinema prize to Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yuan, saying his movies have depicted people’s search for spiritual meaning. U.S. Archbishop John P. Foley, head of the Pontifical Council […]

Huh. Who’d have thought that an article on Zoroastrianism would generate as much conversation as it has. Here’s the article – by Laurie Goodstein in the NYtimes. Her point – that the ancient religion seems to be dying out. Mollie […]

This article in Le Monde says as much (I think) – in French. Feel free to translate! (The gist of this first paragraph – Cardinal Ratzinger gave Communion to Brother Roger at John Paul II’s funeral. Questions and controversy arose. […]

Reader notes, related to various previous posts and interests: I had a week-long conference in SF this summer.  I was staying at the Marriott, just around the corner from St. Patrick’s.  Between proximity and a sung Latin Mass, I didn’t […]

A good nationwide effort on September 16 – Catholic youth groups from across the country committing to wash cars on that day, with money earned to go to pregnancy centers.

Angelo Matera in the NCR(egister): Catholic “hawks” in the United States had been unhappy with Pope John Paul II’s stance against almost all wars, a position they viewed as unrealistic and a departure from their interpretation of the classic “just […]

Hat day at the Vatican: Michael has the goods on what the hat’s all about, as well as more pics of some Austrian women who are obviously in competition with the Pope And you can go here (scroll down) to […]

Well, actually two tales. I hadn’t intended on discussing these two books together, but it actually is a good fit, so here goes. Tales of two Renaissance women, one fiction and one non-fiction. Guess which one is more interesting? I’d […]