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I overbought a bit on books to sell down in Amarillo, and since I have absolutely no more DVC-related speaking gigs coming (at least at which I will be selling books)…need to clean off the shelves. So…in terms of the […]

A reader  – actually a priest from Ireland –  writes in with the reminder that on September 4, along with many others, we celebrate Saint Macnissi (there are many variants on the name) who was baptized by St. Patrick and […]

Really marvelous NYTimes piece about a Dominican Sister of Hawthorne who’s a big Braves fan. In 1999, while Bobby Dews, the Braves’ bullpen coach, was jogging near Turner Field, he became curious about the cancer home across from the stadium. […]

Thanks to K-Lo over at the Corner for linking to our reader’s Target discovery – the attention to the site has inspired a riot of hysterical comments: How well I remember the Democratic Convention of 1932 when Franklin Roosevelt flew […]

Vatican Information Service gives a round-up of August action – very brief summaries of each Angelus and General Audience, accounts of meetings, letters sent and statements issued, and so on. A good thing to have – to make it even […]

…among many, of course. Vultus Christus – on which Cistercian D. Mark Daniel Kirby is posting his excellent (daily) homilies. Also, in the monastic tradition – this online guide to St. Benedict offers a helpful structure in which you can […]

Michael has a link to a NYTimes piece on this pilgrimage destination in Turkey, a spot he visited during his own year in Turkey, many moons ago.

Christopher Blosser at The Benedict Blog (which has been teased apart from Against the Grain) has a massive Benedict roundup of major stories from the past two months, include many helpful links in relationship to this weekend’s study session/seminar/reunion.

Bob Casey and Rick Santorum on Meet the Press yesterday. Rod Dreher reports: Then the Plan B issue came up. Santorum said flat-out that the pill is sometimes abortifacient, which is certainly true if you believe that life begins at […]

Remember her? Wesley Smith reminds us: Last year, doctors wrote 12-year old Haleigh Poutre off as good as dead after she was beaten nearly to death, allegedly by her adoptive mother and step father. After only one week, they assumed […]