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The latest stats on Catholic life in the US, courtesy of the 2006 Official Catholic Directory: The Catholic population rose about 1.3 million last year, to 69,135,254, the directory said. However, the number of students in Catholic high schools dropped […]

Bridgeport diocese issues report on the adventures of Fr. Fay. Big numbers: Lori has faced criticism for his handling of the scandal, especially when it emerged that another priest and the church bookkeeper hired a private investigator to look into […]

I just got done doing an interview with a fine Catholic journalist about the perils and limitations of using political language ("conservative" and "liberal" and such) in talking about our Catholic faith. In Godspy, Daniel Mansueto interviews Paola Binetti, a […]

I was struck by this one, from the "Jesus Junk" post: When I was a protestant christian, all I needed to do to evanglelize was to encourage someone to pray the ‘save me’ prayer and Wham! they were saved. I […]

You all know Sandra Miesel, medievalist extraordinaire who co-authored the Ignatius Press DVC book with Carl Olsen, The Da Vinci Hoax, and is regular and learned commentor on many blogs. Sandra let us a know a couple of months ago […]

The Sun-Times reports: Cardinal Francis George was in intensive care this morning after returning to the operating room late Thursday night for additional surgery after experiencing unstable blood pressure and a drop in his blood count despite having received blood […]

In case you’re not keeping up (gee….), that’s the new name of John Allen’s weekly web column – since he’s not going to be full-time in Rome anymore – this week’s column focuses, of course, primarily on the Middle East. […]

Funny that the week I started doing some work on this project for the Archdiocese of Military Services….OSV runs an article on it. It’s not online yet, but an abridged version is available at Catholic Online: Catholic men and women […]

In this past week’s summit: The 15-nation conference held in Rome on Wednesday failed to produce an immediate cease-fire, but there were significant results, says the Vatican secretary for relations with states. Archbishop Giovanni Lajolo participated as an observer in […]

Well, my son is in London, after a day-long delay (his connecting flight out of VA to Atlanta was way late, and he would have missed the Atlanta – London flight as a result, so he ended up flying out […]