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Good CNS article on the present state of Catholic radio. It will be interesting to see what this Sirius channel ends up looking like. (Er..sounding like). A Corpus Christi note: KLUX-FM in Corpus Christi, Texas, doesn’t sell ads, but it […]

From the Chicago Tribune The Sun-Times He did not disclose Wednesday that doctors had also found cancer in his right ureter, the duct that carries urine from the kidney to the bladder. Doctors knew of the cancer in the ureter […]

Charlotte Allen e-interviews Ann Coulter at Beliefnet…whew. You say: "The core of environmentalism is that they hate mankind." But in February the National Association of Evangelicals, including such signers as Ted Haggard, James Dobson, and Chuck Colson, etc., issued a […]

From the Vatican: The Vatican shares the disappointment of those who had hoped the Rome summit on the Middle East would lead to an immediate cease-fire in the conflict along the Israeli-Lebanese border, Vatican officials said. The conclusion — supported […]

Fr. Guy of Shouts in the Piazza was in attendance at the episcopal ordination of Most Rev. Daniel Thomas as Titular Bishop of Bardstown and Auxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia and reports: It was also great to hear the traditional chant […]

The ordination of some women in Pittsburgh…watch for the press to fall all over itself trying to figure how to describe this, and if they say these women are being ordained Catholic priests who are not recognized by the church…write […]

From Ted Olsen, of Christianity Today Weblog: I was looking at this New York Times photo: My first, cynical, thought was that it was posed. That’s because it’s so iconic. So iconic, in fact, that my second thought was, […]

Media Matters comments on CNN’s high interest in the purported coming apocalypse, featuring Jenkins and LaHaye.

But here’s an open thread on the Middle East situation(s) for you….go for it. Perhaps start with Nouri Al-Maliki’s speech yesterday and the response to him and the complications? And then…everything in Lebanon? Sorry, I can’t offer be the […]

This is interesting: Fr. Robert Altier, the subject of much discussion in the blogosphere, has written a letter to the Minneapolis-St. Paul diocesan spokesman, in response to the spokesman’s statements about his own situation. It’s intereting because Fr. Altier has, […]