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By Bishop Vasa of Baker, Oregon: He’s going to sub for priests with a widely-spread out parish responsibilities, giving them a break: Since the rectory there is largely uninhabited, I can move in without inconveniencing anyone. My presence there for […]

…and have the Pope stop by. Yesterday (Sunday), Benedict stopped by a prayer service in the village of Rhemes-St.-Georges. He listened to the readings, from the Mass of the day, and then spoke extemporaneously for seven minutes to the congregation […]

I wouldn’t say that I was ever a M. Night Shyamalan "fan," although was as taken with The SIxth Sense as most other people, saw some value in Unbreakable, but thought Signs, despite the strong faith element, was too measured […]

…to muse about Dane Cook. Of whom I had never, ever heard before an episode of The Office in which Michael (the clueless boss, played by Steve Carrell) says to a group of kids (brought there on "Bring Your Daughters […]

CNS reports: Cardinal Vinko Puljic of Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, announced a commission would be formed to review the alleged Marian apparitions at Medjugorje and pastoral provisions for the thousands of pilgrims who visit the town each year. "The commission members have […]

A brand new Catholic church: Well, who allowed this to happen? Someone fell asleep on the watch, I do believe. Dick Vosko…call your office. St. James Catholic Church in Charles Town, West Virginia. A news article about the procession in […]

A long, valuable article on the role the Church is playing the current conflict in East Timor. Many of you might remember the past bishop of Dili, Bishop Belo, a Salesian, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (along with […]

Sent to Rome: Copies of a report on an alleged miracle that took place in 1999 through the intercession of the late Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen were signed and sealed Sunday by Roman Catholic Church officials. The 500-page report and […]

Here’s the statement from the USCCB committee on international policy, chaired by Bishop Wenski of Orlando. * The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops condemns the terror and provocative acts of Hamas and Hezbollah that precipitated the crises, including cross-border […]

A NYTimes review of a new book about anti-Semitism in Poland after WWII: In the most notorious episode, 60 years ago this month, residents of Kielce, among them policemen, soldiers and boy scouts, murdered 80 Jews. “The immense courtyard was […]