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First the new translation of John Paul II’s Theology of the Body has been released by Pauline Media. For those not keeping track: John Paul II’s The Theology of the Body remains a masterwork of Catholic teaching — an invaluable […]

See, this is the kind of thing the Catholic press should be doing…all the time. Because statements like this are made …all the time. Catholic News Service corrects Senator Specter: What does a pope elected at the end of the […]

Bill Cork read In This House of Brede…and raves!

Not unexpected from the Bush administration (I say that because I’ve heard this type of thing from defenders of the Bush position in the administration before) , but perhaps a surprise from the mouth of Tony Snow: In the context […]

Great website – via GOP Soccer Mom.

"Using cant to transcend cant…" (From Kevin Jones in the comments box) The subject of Stephen Colbert and faith is getting noted more and more frequently. Mormon2Catholic notes his reciting the Nicene Creed on the show The Anchoress commented as […]

An updated version of the excellent anthology has been published. Check it out. Feminists for Life website.

Many St. Louis photos at my Flickr page – no titles or captions yet, but they’re coming.

My friend Cary McMullen, excellent religion reporter for the Lakeland Ledger, has an interesting Q & A with Bishop Wenski of Orlando. They talk about church growth (an enormous issue down there, especially with the priestly vocations dearth, which the […]

Gashwin Gomes has a good round-up post (and you should have been following him for the great Banned-Blogs-in-India travesty ), including this Christianity Today roundup of the Christian angle. (This CT Weblog, as usual, has many, many othe great links. […]