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Nasty stuff..tastes like bubblegum! Ah…the Inca Kola defenders waste no time! How can you say Inca Kola is nasty and tastes likebubblegum!???!!?? I disagree. I would say that aboutDr. Pepper! Saludos, An offended reader from Lima, Peru. I’ll have to […]

Because the Curt Jester took it already. Maryland Lt. Gov and Senate candidate Michael Steele spoke to a gathering of Catholic families: Tim Hill, who with his wife, Miki, home-schooled their nine children, said they founded the conference 17 years […]

Marvelous post from Daniel Mitsui on what I’d say is a little-known element of church decor, but was actually common before the relatively modern tabernacle was developed: Eucharist Doves have been mentioned in several discussions on liturgically-minded Catholic Blogs, but […]

Archbishop Burke appointed: On Saturday the Holy See announced that Archbishop Raymond Burke of the Archdiocese of St. Louis has been appointed to the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura.  The Archbishop will undertake his new duties while remaining Archbishop […]

At Mere Comments, Russell Moore posts on a Baptist (American Baptist, not SBC) pastor’s article on an abortion she had 19 years ago. It is sad and sobering to read this pastor defend abortion by writing: "When I made my […]

Philip Rieff For all the intellectual panache, however, there was something more sobering about Philip Rieff, for which the right word may be prophetic. While we were preoccupied with our therapeutic games, it went largely unnoticed that our culture died […]

A Seattle Times piece on the financial disaster of the Spokane Diocese Milwaukee prepares: The Archdiocese of Milwaukee is going ahead with plans to sell the Cousins Center in St. Francis and has launched a major communications effort, partly to […]

Over at the Commonweal Blog, Peter Nixon posts on Robert Kaiser’s latest effort, and evokes a record (at this point) 77 comments – including from Kaiser himself.

Nice for Thomas Nelson: The two-day conference starts Friday, but Andjeski paid her $65 long ago — benefiting from a group discount. She quickly added that she could "hardly wait to laugh and cry, sing and pray" with the 11,000 […]

Charlotte Allen in the LAtimes – looks at recent Episcopalian and Presbyterian actions, as well as the numbers. When a church doesn’t take itself seriously, neither do its members. It is hard to believe that as recently as 1960, members […]