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…it means 2 and 1/2 hours in the park. Well, not all that time in the park. There’s the trip there: (Obviously no double strollers or fancy jogging strollers here. And yes, both are ambulatory. But we wanted a 2 […]

Well, I’ve been meaning to write something like this for a while – not in response to virulent anti-breeders, but simply on how parenting is a delightful experience in hanging out with other fun humans. If you choose to look […]

Sitting on the back porch, writing about the Psalms. A 5-year old dashes about in the yard, protecting me – and the rest of the world, I’m thinking –  from evil. Summer is my favorite time of year.

Michael told me the other night of a news story he’d read indicating that the more plugged in a young person is, the more anxious and depressed they are. Now, there could be an inverse relationship as well – that […]

There seems to be something about the Christian, and in its roots, the Jewish ethical vision that brings balance into a world frought with struggle and the temptation to just be done with it. I suppose what it all comes […]

There are hardly any at this point. I mean, there are things we think we’ll do, but honestly, we’re still sort of worn out from the spring. Michael’s in Indianapolis the rest of this week at some stewardship thing, and […]

Best digital camera under $200 (or we have to, $250)…? Any suggestions? If you can, post a link to a photo you’ve taken with your recommendation.

Over the past few weeks, Pope Benedict has been reflecting on St. Peter during the General Audiences – today he moved to St. Andrew: Today, Benedict XVI drew a picture of the personality of the brother of Simon, Andrew, who […]