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Rome Reports is worth watching – it’s a 30 minute weekly program on, well, global Catholic news. It’s shown on EWTN a couple of times a week (Fridays from 11-11:30 pm Eastern, I’m thinking, since I just watched it), but […]

In my alternate alternate life (the first alternate life being the one where I’m doing a Ph.D. dissertation on the implementation and application of the Second Vatican Council in the U.S.), I’m a human behaviorist, with a concentration on child […]

Those of you interested in episcopal politics should have the invaluable Catholic Hierarchy website on your Favorites. Here’s a list of vacant sees, and you can see from it that there are several still in the US: Sioux Falls since […]

Rabbi Eugene Korn of the American Jewish Congress on the Pope’s Auschwitz remarks, in the Forward: At Auschwitz, Benedict chose to speak in theological terms to reinforce this positive attitude by highlighting the church’s new respectful posture toward the Jewish […]

The speculation as to a co-adjutor (hence, replacement in the normal course of things) in St. Paul-Minneapolis has been at full fever pitch this week up in those parts, ever since Brooklyn, Raleigh and Philly have gotten their notices, but […]

This weekend,  the first ever national Encuentro for Hispanic youth is being hosted at Notre Dame. Archbishop Gomez of San Antonio gave the keynote last night, and here’s the text (pdf file) He begins by recalling the introduction of the […]

This week in his "Word from Rome" column, John Allen reflects on the papal stylings of Benedict: Benedict XVI, in the language of the guild, is largely a pope for the inside pages. In Poland, I found myself wondering if […]

A fourth of all European seminarians are Polish About a quarter of all young men training to become Roman Catholic priests in Europe are Polish. And Polish priests are increasingly in demand to plug the gaps in the rest of […]

An NCR(egister) article on the Pope and the canonization process: The process of canonization “is really about faith and therefore must be ruled by theological judgments,” according to Dominican Father Gabriel O’Donnell. Postulator for the cause of Knights of Columbus […]

An article by Benjamin D. Wiker in Crisis magazine: Judged by the results, it was hard to get an angle on an encyclical that appeared to have no edges, a mere round and happy affirmation of love. Even worse, it […]