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From the Western Standard, in Canada (the article requires registration) Here’s a summary Documents obtained by Calgary’s Western Standard magazine reportedly confirm anecdotal evidence that communities around Toronto and in B.C.’s Lower Mainland with a high proportion of immigrants from […]

Oregon judge opens the door In a landmark legal decision, a federal judge in Oregon on Wednesday denied a motion by attorneys for the Vatican to dismiss a civil lawsuit brought against it by a man who says he was […]

Accused was , at one time, vicar-general, secretary to bishop: Dallas Diocese officials say they have verified a sexual-misconduct allegation against a prominent priest and have permanently barred him from ministry. Monsignor Richard E. Johnson was suspended from St. Patrick […]

Government changed its mind: In a stunning about-face that is sure to send shock waves through Hollywood, the government of China has decided to yank the controversial thriller "The Da Vinci Code" from the country’s theaters starting today, Sony Pictures […]

Well, one new bishop, one bishop moved: In Italian, here: Bishop Gossman of Raleigh has resigned (he turned 76 in April), resignation accepted, his replacement will be Bishop Michael Francis Burbidge, auxiliary from Philadelphia and former rector of St. Charles […]

Great post from Mike Aquilina at "The Way of the Fathers" Yet the Fathers had enormous success in youth and young-adult ministry. Many of the early martyrs were teens, as were many of the Christians who took to the desert […]

One of the more intriguing film projects on the way is The Nativity Story – which is exactly what the title indicates – a film about the birth of Jesus. It’s a big-budget, regular old Hollywood (if such a place […]

I heard about one, then did a news search, and found another, then another. Amid the joking and the wise words about how this whole 6-6-06 was a massive misinterpretation of Scripture anyway, it seems as if some were inspired […]