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More here. Michael’s also put up photos from his Book Expo America trip – here. Really nice photo of Tracey Ullman (who has a knitting book coming out, apparently) and one of Harvey Pekar, whose autograph Michael got on a […]

So for today – the rumor that a co-adjutor for St. Paul-Minneapolis is on the way. Tomorrow, even.

A new translation of John Paul II’s Theology of the Body has been produced – the faults of the original translation lay in part in the fact that the talks JPII gave during those Audiences were translated in the news […]

When the bishops meet in LA next week, they’ll be discussing, among other matters, a major restructuring, aka downsizing of the committee structure of the USCCB. Rocco takes it from here: Collapsing five committees — "vocations, priestly formation, diaconate, consecrated […]

Old Zhou sends this along: According to this Italian news story by ANSA in Milano, a parish priest put up a sign reading: Dio conosce gia’ il tuo ombelico (God already knows about your navel) at the entrance to the […]

Yeah, so we no longer have an Octave of Pentecost, but that’s not going to stop us. Go read Mike Aquilina on the Church Fathers and Pentecost. His blog should be one of your daily stops anyway. Writing about 198 […]

A NYTImes Op-ed According to her friend, Dr. McCarron was in despair in recent weeks because Katherine’s language had regressed markedly. Every parent of a child on the autism spectrum knows this feeling: I’ve done everything possible; why isn’t he […]

Pentecost edition: Just to clarify for any new readers: This is a recurring feature here at Open Book in which I invite readers to share their experiences at this past Sunday’s Mass (or church service – we often have folks […]

As in "in the side" – Cardinal Zen of Hong Kong calls for a re-examination: Wearing the red and white robes he was given after Pope Benedict XVI made him a cardinal in March, Cardinal Zen walked straight from celebrating […]

Michelle Boorstein of the Wa Po visits a parish in DC where the Tridentine Rite is offered, and files a brief, refreshingly undertanding report. I mean, when’s the last time you heard ad orientem described accurately in the secular press? […]