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Joseph: There’s a commercial for the new Garfield movie. Me: Hmm. Joseph: The British are coming! The British are coming! Me: What? Joseph: That’s what Garfield says. Me: Oh, okay. Joseph: What are British? Me: They’re people who live in […]

Christopher Hitchens is interviewed by WORLD magazine: Challenged On professing Bible knowledge while eschewing biblical faith, Mr. Hitchens said, "I don’t have the nostalgia for the lost period of faith. I’m glad it’s over and my children won’t have to […]

"Flash cards" created by Jeffrey Tucker of Sacred Music. And don’t forget this:

Why did you write a book called "De-coding DaVinci: the facts behind the fiction of the da vinci code", if religious belief is based on faith? You’re using reason to boost your belief… why not use faith alone? Why prove […]

Finally, Allen does a nice job explaining Benedict’s views on the importance of New Movements, and how it fits in with his previous statements on Christianity as a "creative minority" In making this reference, the pope had in mind not […]

Allen summarizes the controversy this week over the Pope’s words at Auschwitz-Birkenau: From a communications point of view, the pope’s Achille’s heel is that by refusing to satisfy prevailing expectations, Benedict can sometimes send the wrong signal to people who, […]

From John Allen’s interview, linked below: You’ve seen the recent letter from Cardinal Francis Arinze to Bishop William Skylstad in the United States. What do you make of it? It’s just stating what the situation is. It’s sometimes useful to […]

John Allen’s Word From Rome: The Pope on Islam: Popes only rarely lead by decree. Far more often, their example is decisive, pointing a new direction by what they do and say. Such has been the case under Benedict XVI […]

At Mercatornet, an article by Daniel Mansueto on the war against girls in Asia: India has a similar problem. One study that includes a survey of the literature notes that Indian demographers have found a “stark shift towards excessively masculine […]

Churches are offering refuge: Around 30,000 people have sought refuge in two Catholic compounds as violence has swept through the East Timorese capital of Dili. The country, on the brink of civil war, has seen 70,000 people being displaced and […]