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This man at the heart of a Walker Percy story? Well maybe he’ll be a decent Will Barrett – Bill Paxton has a vague emptiness at the core of his screen presence that just might work – he’s been tapped […]

As some have said over and over again..when it comes to the human mind…you just never know. A drug commonly used as a sleeping pill appears to have had a miraculous effect on brain-damaged patients who have been in a […]

Last week, the ginormous Book Expo America happened in Washington D.C. Michael went, and we might have all gone except for Katie being so inconsiderate as to be confirmed during that time. I hope Michael will blog on it when […]

…when you graduate from preschool – your first full year in school, every day, all day? You get home – early, because everyone got to go home right after graduation – and for thirty minutes you just sit next to […]

Clayton Emmer, who now lives in LA, but hails from the St. Paul-Minneapolis diocese, posts a summary of a video interview with the former St. Joan’s pastor who set it on its journey to Mass readings from Pablo Casals. Segment […]

This is passed on by Stephen Drake of the disability rights group Not Dead Yet. On May 13, a 3-year old girl was murdered by her mother, a pathologist. The little girl was diagnosed autistic, and there has apparently been […]

Present at my talk last night was a Nigerian priest who took some time to share with us the impact of DVC…in Nigeria, telling the story of a woman who spoke to him when he was there at Christmastime, asking […]

Two good posts from the last day or so: They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? by Robert Araujo, SJ – in which he does some compare and contrast: There is something about educating inquiring minds (be they students, readers of articles, […]

Many thanks to frequent commenter Clare for digging this up. A couple of months ago, I mentioned how impressed I was by the main English-language voiceover person for papal liturgies – a woman whose identity was a mystery to me. […]

NCR(eporter) While there is much to be said about the final disposition of this case, we start by expressing our sincere sorrow to members of the Legion. We know all too well how we have pressed for judicial proceedings against […]