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We’re on the homestretch, now. 3 more DVC talks in the next week, then one more in July, and then I think that’s about it. Yah, I made free decisions to say yes to all of this, but it’s just […]

Well, the Typekey thing didn’t work out – I’ll try again tomorrow. Until then, comments will be moderated and held for approval overnight…

Magister reports on the latest from Civilita Cattolica: La Civiltà Cattolica,” the journal of the Rome Jesuits that is printed under the supervision of the Vatican authorities, doesn’t usually post to its website the complete text of all of the […]

Hardest Archdiocese in the world to figure out, it seems. Strong support of Latin in the liturgy, both according to the Novus Ordo and the Tridentine liturgy (post corrected, per Tim F!) ,..on the other hand… controversies about a priest […]

The little 100 question-and-answer booklet I wrote is available here.

When I was researching the MM book, I noted claims here and there that Martin Luther had indicated a belief that Jesus was "an adulterer" with Mary Magdalene. I dug a little, but couldn’t find any satisfactory explanation for this […]

Jimmy Akin reviews the DVC film and asks a whole lot of questions in the process..

Via Rocco Palmo, news of a big bruhaha in Boston involving the head of the Caritas Christi health system – battling several charges of sexual harassment. The news today is reported here: Archbishop O’Malley was apparently supporting a private reprimand, […]

A piece in Christianity Today looks at the DIdache – the brief, but rich manual of Church teaching that most scholars believe dates anywhere from the late 1st to early 2nd century. Interesting to see a Protestant perspective. Gashwin Gomes […]

The April issue of First Things is online – with a slew of interesting pieces including the Weigel piece on Iraq some of you discussed here last week.