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Hardball will be live from NY Opus Dei headquarters tomorrow – should be interesting! Random DVC link, from John Thavis of Catholic News Service: While the movie’s portrayal of the Catholic Church is distinctly unflattering, its treatment of the Catholic […]

See how many fit: 1) Movie’s pretty bad. Talky, awkward flashbacks, pointless activity, miscast leads. 2) McKellan rocks! 3) It’s probably bad partly because the filmmakers didn’t want to offend Christians. They smoothed it out and took the teeth and […]

They give critics a chance to shine: (A.O. Scott in the NYtimes) "The Da Vinci Code" is one of the few screen versions of a book that may take longer to watch than to read. (Curiously enough, Mr. Howard accomplished […]

There’s a podcast thingy of an interview I did with Charley Collins of Vatican Radio on Mary Magdalene. Today, from 5-6 PM, I’ll be interviewed by Paul Clemens on WLCR, the Catholic radio stastion in Louisville. No internet listening possible, […]

There was another bishop appointed yesterday – Bishop Sartain of LIttle Rock, moved to Joliet. Dependably, American Papist wraps up the links and commentary (and note that I’ve moved AP into the "Holy Blogs of Obligation" list. He’s keeping up […]

Rotten Tomatoes keeps score – it’s at 0% now, with 5 reviews in. MegaCritics also collates reviews. There cumulative is higher at this point because they include a rave from the NYPost I have one more post on this I […]

This is kind of interesting – we’ve blogged about the background before – the Quebecois habit of using the names of religious articles as swear words. Now, the Archdiocese of Montreal is using that habit to make a point: From […]

Like Peter at the beginning of his journey with Jesus, “we too want God to transform the world right away, “ but it was the Teacher himself who showed the first amongst the apostles and all Christians “that the path […]

From England: Two thirds of Britons who have read Dan Brown’s thriller believe that Jesus fathered a child with Mary Magdalene, a claim rejected as baseless by historians and Bible scholars. Those who have read it are also four times […]

Harry Knowles at Aint-it-Cool News reports that he, as an internet scribe, was not allowed into a screening of DVC last night: (language alert for the rest of the link.) I was invited to a late screening on Thursday night […]