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I will be gone all day Tuesday – in Cleveland, not returning here until after midnight. So comments are closed (if you try to post you will be accused of being spam. Don’t take it personally and don’t write me […]

I decided not to put the very most current effort up because…hmmm.., well, I just didn’t. I’m not unhappy with it, but I realized that I needed to get a couple more chapters done before it’s suitable for public consumption. […]

Christianity Today reports on big troubles at Patrick Henry College, the small liberal arts college founded in 2000, with homeschooled young people as its intended demographic. At the center of the controversy is Michael Farris, well-known as an attorney deeply […]

This is for subscribers-only, but it’s worth it to stop at the library and take a look: an appreciation of Pope Benedict by Doloros Leckey in America magazine. An excerpt: That Benedict chose to write about love in his first […]

A nice slide show/audio presentation of the lives of Discalced Carmelites, via the Pittsburgh paper.

…everyone, that is, who is bleating to me about "just fiction" and sneering at me for engaging this cultural moment, here’s an excerpt from a 2003 interview that Dan Brown did with Linda Wertheimer. April 26, 2003, Weekend Edition. Thanks […]

We might see a lot of new traffic around here this week, so I’ll create this post and keep it on top. Sorry to be tiresome to the old guard, but there it is. I don’t just do DVC, although […]

Via Rich Leonardi: Now, before you read this as an author’s disclaimer for any differences between the book and the movie, let me assure you it’s all there — the Louvre, Saint-Sulpice, Chateau Villette, Westminster Abbey, Rosslyn Chapel, the codes, […]

A reader from LA writes with this: am in the archdiocese of Los Angeles. I would be interested to hear what you and your blog readers think about what happened in parishes in our diocese yesterday. In the middle of […]

The Pope evokes Cyril and Methodius, and says: In an uncertain and turbulent world such as our own, Europe can become a witness and messenger of the vital dialogue between cultures and religions. The history of the old continent, deeply […]