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January 1, 1970 Archives

I’m leaving for Birmingham around 12:23, getting there around 3:30. On to EWTN, dinner, do the show, then hop in the car I’ll rent and drive to Knoxville. Yup. Get to my dad’s house around 12:30 am, I hope. The […]

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Magister cites some signs of renewed interest in Christianity in Europe. He reprints a review of a new book – the review is in the Italian bishops’ newspaper, and the book is by Nicolas Sarkozy, regarded as a leading contender […]

Belgian Nuncio welcomes Muslim immigrants into churches Monsignor Karl-Josef Rauber, the Papal Nuncio (i.e. the Vatican’s Ambassador) to Belgium, supports the occupations of Belgian churches by illegal immigrants. “The Church has always sided with the weak,” the Nuncio says in […]

The pope has been meeting with Canadian bishops ad limina this week, and part of that visit included a young man who accompanied the bishops and sang for the pope: Canadian singer Jeremy Gabriel stands next to Cardinal Marc Ouellet […]

Back to condoms – this post swiped from Michael Perry at Mirror of Justice – where there are lots of interesting discussions going on right now… Fr. Guevin versus Fr. Rhonheimer on Humanae Vitae Now you can read the debate […]

Well, everyone’s abuzz about a new Catholic Channel on Sirius Satellite Radio The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York is venturing into satellite radio, announcing a deal yesterday to work with Sirius Satellite Radio to create a 24/7 Catholic channel. […]

Ugandana horrors and one sister’s fight for her students: The rebels marched 139 girls out of the school and into the darkness. They walked one night and one day, through the bush, following no road. The rebels did not realize […]

I have been to weary to even begin to think through Andrew Sullivan’s explaination of his neoligism "Christianist." Ramesh Ponnuru is doing the heavy lifting for the rest of us, though, over at The Corner, which is all meshing together […]

Archbishop Chaput on the lessons of the just-finished legislative session. Third, given the spirit of the times, another version of this ugly legislation will likely return next year. For the sake of fairness and for the safety of all children, […]