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Celebrations at which Benedict will be presiding in May and June: Rosary, ordinations, Pentecost in St. Peter’s Square, Vigil of Pentecost with the ecclesial communities and new movements – what a fascinating gathering that will be. The first such gathering  […]

Today, Pope Benedict released a letter to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. (That link is in Italian, but go for it) Here’s an article from Catholic News Agency on the letter. And here, canon lawyer Ed Peters takes […]

The e-mail was entitled, "Bigot:"   You would probably be in the forefront of the religeous zealots brigade, it’s just as well that burning at the stake has been abolished, or you would be standing with your matches right now. […]

With you-know-what. Okay, I know. It’s a way of evangelizing. I hope it works. And I also know that every time I give a talk on this, folks come up to me with stories about the impact of this dreadful […]

I was just speaking to a woman who used to be a parish Director of Religious Education. She recounted a time when someone in her parish offered to teach a course in Biblical Greek. Some powers that were demurred, suggesting […]

No, not that one…another one. At Marriage Debate, Jennifer Roback Morse and Cristina Page are discussing, "Is Contraception Good For Society?" Maggie Gallagher introduced the debate and the participants: Is contraception good for society? Jennifer Roeback Morse and Cristina Page […]

A priest shares a secret; some aren’t pleased Sexually assaulted by a priest as a 25-year old seminarian; he received some compensation from the Archdiocese of Boston a few years ago, but still, the secret gnawed at him: He picked […]

This is Ramesh Ponnuru’s new book. The title is provocative and a bit misleading. The "party of death" refers to those who support unfettered abortion access, assisted suicide, embryo-destructive research, and so on – politicians, activists, scholars, judges and medical […]