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Via Zenit, here’s the full text of this morning’s remarks. I’ll pull the sentence that gave me food for contemplation: From the beginning, therefore, the Christian community began to live a weekly rhythm, highlighted by the encounter with the risen […]

In the NYTimes: Dems hope to divide GOP on embryo-destructive stem cell research It may also influence voter turnout in some races, including here in Missouri, where a proposed constitutional amendment to protect stem cell research is making front-page news, […]

Gerald at Closed Cafeteria translates an article from German about the Pope’s recent attendance at a concert Visibly happy, Pope Benedict XVI enjoyed a concert Saturday evening, featuring music by Mozart. The mayor of Rome had invited the Pope to […]

Finally watched most of it today – off and on – as Katie watched all the eps this afternoon and then the conclusion tonight. I echo Jimmy Mac’s comment in a previous thread that they seemed young, young, young…and of […]

A fuller article on the topic from earlier on Sunday – there’s a study , but this time no sense of which direction the study will go: Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragán, who is in charge of the Vatican’s healthcare ministry, […]

I will be putting up a few posts, but keeping comments closed on most of them ’til Tuesday. It’s one less thing I have to do when I return – sort through comments and complaints about other commenters…

Just to let you know, this is how it will happen over the next day: I am flying to LAX tomorrow morning, getting there around 2:30. My host/talk impresario has said that yes, there’s enough time to take me up […]

…what others are reporting. And we know how these things work, especially with translating European news sources.  But here’s the story: The Vatican is expected to permit the use of condoms for AIDS patients, according to an interview with a […]

Trying to be all things to all people Mr. Casey himself is emphasizing that while there is "tremendous disagreement" on abortion, there is also a broad consensus of which he is a part: to reduce the number of abortions by […]

The Pope at today’s Regina Coeli: At the end of the ceremony, his first greetings were in Greek and Russian to wish Happy Easter to the Orthodox Churches, which are celebrating Easter today. “My best regards go to our brothers […]