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Some of you will recall that there was a hot rumor last week that something was going to be released on Holy Thursday regarding the Tridentine liturgy. Obviously that didn’t happen. Since then, various blogs have recalibrated and are thinking […]

I have been negligent about checking my spam box again. Today, I checked it halfway through the day (after deleting a few hundred this morning), and in 62 spam-mails, I found 2 "real" emails that were actually rather important – […]

Supreme Court rules against Cardinal Mahony The Supreme Court on Monday refused to interfere in a California prosecutor’s efforts to obtain confidential counseling records kept by the Catholic Church on two priests under investigation for molesting children. The justices, without […]

The best place to go for links to articles about Pope Benedict is here, the "Papa Ratzinger Forum" where not only English-language articles are posted, but translations of other pieces, as well. Notable over the weekend were those emanating from […]

An interesting and amusing photo essay I liked it.

Several points of business to take care of, here. First, you can listen to an interview I did with KVSS’ Bruce and Kris McGregor on Mary Magdalene here. KVSS is a great Catholic radio station out of Omaha. They also […]

An op-ed from Eduardo Moisés Peñalver of Fordham: In the early decades of the 19th century, the federal government hoped to dispose of public land in its western territories by auctioning it to the highest bidder — typically a northeastern […]

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Easter sermon: One of the ways in which we now celebrate the great Christian festivals in our society is by a little flurry of newspaper articles and television programmes raking over the coals of controversies about […]

I have five threads running down below to which  I hope heaps of you will contribute: "What Did You Hear’s"  on the Triduum, plus a "Triduum Question Box" – weird stuff you saw during a liturgy this past weekend that […]

The Pope’s birthday was yesterday, of course – His brother George sent him birthday greetings, excerpted by Zenit: "Dear Joseph, may your onerous theological work of so many years be of guidance and help to carry out the grandiose task […]