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January 1, 1970 Archives

Last week, we posted a link to Matthew Lickona’s blog in which he reported a conversation with someone who works in a megachurch, and who, in turn reported that 60% of their members were from a Catholic background. Much discussion […]

A reader writes with some reflections on what she saw today – beginning with the story of her parish, a traditional ethnic parish that seemed on track to be fading away. But: What joy to see the young people coming […]

This wonderful photo was passed along to me by Br. Brent, O.P. of the Dominican House of Studies in DC. Here’s their blog, updated occasionally with news and notes of newly professed and various apostolates.

Believe it or not – Time’s cover story this week. It’s okay, but isn’t it odd that a group with 85,000 members merits a cover story? Well, good thing, I suppose. All Catholic All The Time! There won’t be much […]

In a few of the many comments accumulating below, we have questions along the line of "Er…I saw [fill in the blank] at the liturgy I attended. Is that…okay?" So….here’s the place to ask (and we hope find an answer […]

Finally! We went to the "other" parish we regularly attend – the traditional German parish (stations in German, etc). We like it, not just because the Gothic church is lovely and well-preserved, but because the liturgy is not self-serving, the […]

I didn’t go to the Vigil – Michael did, because someone he knew was being received into Full Communion. He may or may not give his report – How about you? How many readings? Which ones? How were the baptisms […]

Our story here Our Good Friday evening was spent in front of the television, watching the Stations from the Colisseum. Having been there, we could engage with the event even more than usual. I printed out the meditations and prayers […]

For the next day, I’m going to let "What Did You Hear" be the focus of the blog. I have two radio interviews tomorrow, a book review to finish and a trip to prepare for (24 hours in Atlanta. Atlanta […]

Novelist Muriel Spark passed away at age 88 in Florence, her home for many years. From the Scotsman (Spark was born in Scotland) Like many other people, for a long time I knew little of Spark apart from the magnificent […]