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More The text of the meditations And while you’re at it – some Holy Week-related stories and meditations from Vatican Radio, there for the downloading and listening. A summary We have accompanied Jesus on the Way of the Cross,” were […]

POPE REBUKES  ‘SATANIC’  SOCIETY – There. That’s for anyone doing internet searches based on what they read on Drudge. Thanks for landing here. Here’s the context: Go here to read the text of the Stations of the Cross that Pope […]

I didn’t think he’d have a column this week, but here you go – The Word From Rome. Italian politics, Opus Dei: Here’s an intriguing sidebar from the Italian elections: A numerary of Opus Dei, meaning a celibate who lives […]

Fr. Guy at Shouts from the Piazza is interested in some details of the Pope’s Good Friday liturgy.

Michelle Mallkin notes an incident at a Kentucky college, in which a professor brought her graduate class out to destroy a pro-life display of crosses, placed with the permission of the University administration: Here’s the article she links, plus the […]

At Pontifications, translated by Anthony Esolen – the first time this translation has been published.

First, from Hans Kueng – scroll down a bit The man’s ego is evident and unintentionally humorous. He has an impressive sense of his own importance and the attention that must be paid to his opinions. So with that in […]

Darrell Bock in Christianity Today: Keeping up with all the new Jesus books these days takes a scorecard. Just about the time one thing is behind us, a new one pops up on the radar. There is no doubt that […]

A summary, with some quotes, of Benedict’s homily: In the gesture of “washing the feet” we see the “God’s holiness, which is not only an incandescent power before which we must pull back terrified, but is also the power of […]

Dr. David Solomon of Notre Dame, in the WSJ Although Father Jenkins called his announcement the "Closing Statement," the debate is unlikely to go away. More is at stake than the fairly standard, indeed humdrum, questions about "censorship" and "free […]